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Terms and Conditions

Our users

Material on our site is mostly provided by persons other than Jovuli Pty Limited ACN 92 565 205 462, its directors and associates.

We are simply a referral forum. We are paid a fixed advertising fee.

Prices charged for equipment or services by advertisers are set by the supplier of those goods and services and we do not influence these in any way, nor do we receive any commissions. Suppliers are listed in no particular order.

We allow material to be put on this site in good faith. We have no affiliation with any group or association. We support quality goods and services to equestrians and their horses.

Where we become aware of errors or inaccuracies we remove the material. We make some verification checks and when a complaint is made about goods or services, we try to verify that complaint and if proven to our satisfaction we remove the material. However any check made by us does not provide you with any promise as to the truth of the material or information displayed.

We will not accept any claim by any person relying on advertising through this site

Our advertisers

Advertising monies are not refundable. Payment must be made within 30 days of the submission of data. After this period, we reserve the right to remove the material.

On renewal, a further period of 30 days is provided for payment of the renewal subscription.

We agree that the site will remain operational whilst any of our advertisers still have a period of advertising current.

We offer only to display your material for use by potential customers or clients and provide an active link to your personal or business website from which these persons may obtain more detailed information.

In return for using this site, you agree not to enter any pornographic or derogatory material or make any untrue claims for your product or services. In return for access to the site, you agree not to make any claim against us

We reserve the right to remove any entry which may be contrary to the State or Federal laws of Australia or at variance with the Code of Conduct of the Equestrian Federation of Australia.

Privacy Policy

We treat the personal information of advertisers with respect and confidentiality and all reasonable care is taken to ensure that this information is stored securely. You may at any time make alterations to or remove this information.

Links to other sites

Links to sites provided in advertisements or in the links section are provided in good faith. Following any such link is done at your own risk and any advertising on linked sites is not an endorsement by us.

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